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Field Notebook

Published Stories

May 28, 2014
I, Pothunter
Ancient and enchanting, it is not something that belongs to us. It belongs, rather, to the land itself, its centuries of residence not something we should disturb...

January 25, 2014
The Buying & Selling of Nature
It is an eruption of mostly petroleum-based products designed to get you outside and keep you from dying there...

January 20, 2014
Knowing Where You Are...
Even if you cross continents and oceans for a living, your sense of place is probably tied to a well-defined location. You know the animal trails and trash cans, the culverts and waterways. You have a sense of home...

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field notebook

Spring, 2009 Utah
I keep rehearsing in my head what it will feel like to walk straight to these cave-arches, congratulating the compass of my body, but poking down one bedrock draw after the next I see my compass is off...

Winter, 2008 Colorado
How many more children could we have? The curiosity will never end. They are each like opening Pandora's box...

Winter, 2008 Colorado
Late that night JT and I are running through the dark with torches outstretched, boots crashing through wind-hardened snow. We move fast, as if we had stolen this fire from the gods...

published stories

July 17, 2009
Perfect Quiet
Searching for refuge -- and, perhaps, health -- in a sickeningly loud world.

June 15, 2009
The Southwest's good ol' artifact boys
You might have an imaginary picture of the pot hunters and collectors, a crew of dirty, well-armed black-market privateers roving the desert (in the case of many Western pot hunters, you'd be right)...

June 09, 2009
The Memory of Water
It is a hard and beautiful way to live, counting on ephemeral water holes like this. You have to be ready for long periods of waiting, traveling at night to preserve water in your body, sleeping in daytime shade...

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