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House of Rain
Tracking a vanished civilization across the american southwest.

Missing Chapters

Looking to Kayenta: Cedar Mesa
Camp stood on a point drowning in wind. With Jasper and Regan asleep in a tent, I sat alone at the edge of an expansive, encompassing cliff, the moonlight strong tonight.
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The Family Route: Galiuro Mountains
Quiet conversations of water moved through a forest. Words chattered across smooth, black stones as a clear stream turned one way and then another, threading among jail bars of tree roots.
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Water God Breathing: Sonoran Desert
Water moved through the desert. Black filings of iron ghosted a stream that I followed, drawing along a sand bed. It was not much, just a trickle that would last no more than fifteen minutes.
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Persistence: Tucson
Behind a strip mall in a Tucson parking lot where the desert used to be, beyond a row of big metal dumpsters lies a canal employed to carry storm water off the streets. When I was there it was dry and choked with mesquite trees.
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